Club Constitution

Monash Competitive Programming Club


Part 1: The Constitution

Section 1.1. Interpretation

Section 1.2. Amendments

Part 2: Mission

Section 2.1. Objectives

Part 3: The Executive

Section 3.1. Existence

Section 3.2. Aims and Objectives

Section 3.3. Roles

Section 3.4. Duties

Section 3.5. Eligibility

Section 3.6. Co-option

Part 4: General Meetings

Section 4.1. Notice and Agendas

Section 4.2. Annual General Meetings

Section 4.3. Conduct of General Meetings

Part 5: Contests and Activities

Section 5.1. Requirements

Section 5.2. Powers

1. The Constitution

1.1. Interpretation

1.1.1. In this constitution, unless the contrary intention appears,

(i) “AGM” means the Annual General Meeting
(ii) “The Club” means the Monash Competitive Programming Club
(iii) “University” means Monash University
(iv) “The team” means the executive team
(v) “WWCC” means a working with childrens check (volunteer or paid)

1.2 Amendments

1.2.1. This constitution may be amended by the affirmative votes of at least 2/3 of the Attendants at an Executive Meeting.

1.2.2. Amendments to this constitution shall be made through pull requests on the hosting repository, in order to preserve data of changes over time.

1.2.3. All Pull Requests must have a written description of the change made, as well as a list of affirmative votes.

2. Mission

2.1. Objectives

2.1.1. The club aims to:

(i) Act as a community hub for fellow members to form teams for competitions, run by the club or otherwise.
(ii) Provide information on ongoing competitions
(iii) Provide useful reference for competition practice
(iv) Run traditional contests including ICPC/IEEEXtreme and create new challenges/contests
(v) Facilitate member entry into competitions

3. The Executive

3.1. Existence

3.1.1. There shall be an executive team for the club.

3.2. Aims and Objectives

3.2.1. The aims and objectives of the team shall be to

(i) Fullfil the objectives of the club outlined in 2.1.
(ii) Uphold this constitution
(iii) Facilitate administration of the club

3.3. Roles

3.3.1. The executive team requires each of the following roles to be fulfilled:

(i) The President
(ii) The Vice President
(iii) The Treasurer
(iv) The Secretary

3.4. Duties

3.4.1. The duties of the President shall be to

(i) Preside as chair over executive meetings and general meetings
(ii) Represent the club, and act as its spokesperson, the University and other bodies, as appropriate
(iii) Perform other duties, as the team may resolve

3.4.2. The duties of the Vice President shall be to

(i) Preside as chair over executive meetings and general meetings, in absence of the President
(ii) Assist the president in their duties
(iii) Perform the duties of the President, if that office is vacant
(iv) Perform other duties, as the team may resolve

3.4.3. The duties of the Treasurer shall be to

(i) Attend Executive and General Meetings
(ii) Monitor and Review spending from the club budget
(iii) Perform other duties, as the team may resolve

3.4.4. The duties of the Secretary shall be to

(i) Attend Executive and General Meetings
(ii) Prepare Agendas and Minutes, for General Meetings
(iii) Ensure an up-to-date register of the executive team is maintained
(iv) Perform other duties, as the team may resolve

3.5 Eligibility

3.5.1. All members of the club are eligible to be any member of the executive team, with the exception of the Treasurer position, which must be taken by a member employed by the university.

3.5.2. Members of the club can fulfill multiple roles of the executive team simultaneously.

3.5.3. A person elected an executive team member at an AGM shall ordinarily hold office for a term of 1 year commencing on the date of the AGM.

3.5.4. An executive team member shall cease to hold office prior to the completion of their ordinary term if they

(i) serve a Written Notice of resignation, specifying the date of cessation, on the Executive
(ii) are removed from office in accordance with 3.5.5.
(iii) fail to attend 3 consecutive executive meetings without a leave of absence

3.5.5. An executive team member may be removed from office by the affirmative votes of at least 2/3 of the Attendants at a General Meeting, and a written intention to move a motion to remove the member has been served on the Secretary and/or President, and the team member has been given a reasonable opportunity to speak to the motion.

3.6 Co-option

3.6.1. In the event that an executive team member deceases to hold office prior to the conclusion of their ordinary term, or a position remains vacant after an election, the President may co-opt an eligible person to hold the vacant position. If the President position is vacant, the Vice-President becomes an acting President.

3.6.2. A person co-opted as an executive member shall ordinarily hold office from the day of co-option to the day of the next General Meeting.

4. General Meetings

4.1. Notice and Agendas

4.1.1. The Secretary shall serve at least 14 days’ Written Notice of a General Meeting, specifying the date and time, on all club members.

4.1.2. A club member may request to have an item added to the agenda for a General Meeting by serving a written notice to the secretary at least 3 days prior to the scheduled start of the meeting

4.2. Annual General Meetings

4.2.1. An AGM shall be held in September of each year.

4.2.2. The business of an AGM shall include

(i) anything else outlined in the agenda provided by the secretary
(ii) gather feedback from club members

4.3. Conduct of General Meetings

4.3.1. A General Meeting shall always occur on university grounds

4.3.2. Subject to 4.3.1, The executive team shall, in its absolute discretion, decide the date, time, place and agenda of any General Meeting

5. Contests and Activities

5.1. Requirements

5.1.1. All activities or events organised by the executive team must have at least member with an active WWCC.

5.2. Powers

5.2.1. A contest organised by the executive team does not have to restrict its entry to club members

5.2.2. A contest organised by the executive team can have entry requirements, restricting certain club members or general public from entering