AIArena Hackathon 2021 is here!

What is it?

The AIArena Hackathon is a group competition centred around AI Programming for a particular game. A game is chosen (in this case prepared by us), and the challenge is for your group to program a bot that outperforms all others in the game. The details of the game will be released 3 days before the contest is held. The programming instructions and tools to play the game will be released on the day of the contest.

It should also be stressed that ‘AI’ is not synonymous with Machine Learning!. Any sort of strategy, no matter how simple, fits under the broad term AI. That being said you may utilise machine learning if you feel so inclined.

This year, all bots will need to be written in Python to function, due to some limitations. Don’t worry if you haven’t programmed in Python before, as it is rather easy to pick up.

Note: This competition is rather separate from all of the other contests and workshops that this club normally holds. As such, the rest of the content on this site likely won’t be of much use in preparing for the competition. Just make sure you’ve brushed up on your Python a bit!

When / Where is it?

Where: TBA - Somewhere on the Clayton Campus. Remote Participation allowed but physical is much preferred.

When: Saturday 10th April (Midsem break), with the game rules / details being revealed on Wednesday 7th April.


Placement Prize
1st Place Group $600
2nd Place Group $300
3rd Place Group $150

How can I join?

Teams of 2 to 3 can compete. If you can’t find any friends to team up with then join the discord and make some new friends! We have a channel for finding teammates.

Please fill out the google form here to signup your team for the competition.

For further announcements about this and other competitions, consider joining the club discord here. We chat about programming problems (that often show up in coding interviews!), organise contests like this, and compete in worldwide competitions such as ICPC!